Bangkok: Chatuchak, Random street photos

Chatuchak Market

None will come close to beating the sheer size and variety found at Bangkok’s Chatuchak Market. It really is a sight to behold, and it’s arguably the best place in the whole city to buy souvenirs and all manner of other things. 

It’s easy to get lost and lose the will to carry on shopping when visiting the market. The volume of people and the vast size of the place can easily put even the most hardened of shoppers off, but don’t be dissuaded as you can always find way to help you make the most of your market visit.


This may be Chatuchak Weekend Market but there are some sections of the market open on weekdays too. Having said this, the huge market that sells everything under the sun is only open on weekends.


The Streets of Bangkok

Heard so many things about Bangkok and so i thought of including this in our itinerary. Although we didn't visit any temple, which the country is also proud of, it's quite a good place to eat other than shopping. So maybe if we plan to visit Bangkok again next time, we'll try to check a few temples to feel what it's like to be in Thailand. 

It's always interesting to make simple memories wherever you go. So even if we didn't get to explore Bangkok more, glad to experience Chatuchak and Damnoen Floating market then had the streets as our go-to. 


"You study my traveling and resting. You are thoroughly familiar with all my ways."