Stay: J. No 14

It has been a crazy roller-coaster ride for us but we made it through the past few days. We've been travelling from places to places and with that comes bnb to bnb of course. and to share my favorite Airbnb so far, here's this little forest situated in a cinematic oddity set in Bangkok.



I'm always itching to go places, like everyone else, but since i can't afford to just go wherever and whenever I want, I go to Airbnb instead and browse photos of spaces which i'm interested. it makes me feel i'm there.

So when I was making plans for this travel with the mister, I stumbled upon this Bnb in Bangkok which really looks an adventure.

So I booked it right away.


If you are into detail like me when it comes to spaces you'll understand why i fell in love with this little forest in central area of Bangkok.  

J. No 14 is close to a river and is 17km away from Pak Kret. This property is 15-minute walk to Princess Mother Memorial Park, Wat Yannawa and Taksin Bridge. We had a little problem navigating the place at first but after we saw the hotel we learned how accessible this place was to anywhere.




The unconventional bed and breakfast occupies a converted warehouse, that looks a lot more straightforward from the outside than it does from within.

The old factory’s exposed brickwork lends an industrial backdrop to an offbeat haven of design-minded tranquility in a residential neighbourhood. The lights, which I love most, were carefully chosen together with tropical and curio-laden influences which reflects the city’s famous discordant attitude.


The stair landing going down to the first floor

Details are as dramatic as how they were juxtaposed, and every piece is not as basic as going to an ordinary bnb.

They got old books, magazines and lots of vintage finds


As soon as you arrive at J. No 14 you will be welcomed by some cats, or even a puppy, roaming around the hotel and sometimes inside your room. 

The hotel reinterprets the essence of traditional bed and breakfast with having different accents put together by the interior design-graduate son of its owners.

This place has so much interesting furnishings. Oh! did i mention how beautiful this steel casement window is?

As you turn left from the entrance you'll see guestrooms (left), shared bathroom (right) and a staircase going to second floor.

Tile is often the most used material in the bathroom — so choosing the right one is an easy way to kick up one's bathroom's style. And that's how the design was made for this hotel. Keeping some vintage touch helps everything blend seamlessly with the otherwise traditional bathroom.

We booked Room 9. Although this wasn't my first choice, this was the only room available that time. No wonder i wanted to go back and try the other rooms.


Each room tells a different story and was incredibly made for function. The interiors feature a wide array of classic pieces formed with an industrialized idea.


The hotel features guestrooms with soundproof windows, television, a seating area and climate control. They offer private bathrooms with bathrobes, a shower and free toiletries.

Overlooking from our room is the dining area. Greens are everywhere, reason why the hotel is called little forest.

look at those gorgeous metal bar stools


The mister and I didn't get a chance to try breakfast, we had to get up and leave the hotel early to see the elephants. But sadly we missed 'em too. 

What's really fascinating about the place are the pieces used as displays, which look very classic and timeless.

you may actually play the piano


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