We're not huge, we're amazing!

Isn't the female body amazing!?

"i know i look like a lot at people's full term. it's tough, you're carrying a human, your body is changing dramatically, more than you ever expected and then to rub salt in it, strangers feel the need to comment every time you're out in public."

Reposting the article from Stylishbump.com.au, by Adrienne.

Did you know our whole respiratory system changes when pregnant? That blood volume increases, the top of the uterus grows up near the rib cage and abdomen moves to the left or right? Did you know our whole spine realigns, skin pigmentation and hair texture changes, and the increased estrogen in one's body makes everything taste, smell and grow faster? Aren't we AMAZING!?

And nobody ever tells you this, but when we are pregnant we worry about every single thing! Is the shower too hot? Am I supposed to eat that? Can I climb up there? Can I reach that? Can I fit through there? What is good for the baby? What is good for me? Worry worry worry… all the time! And it never stops! Don’t add to a woman’s worry or anxiety by telling her she’s big, or small, or massive.

Size doesn’t matter. Shape doesn't matter. Every person is different. Every woman is different, therefore, every pregnant woman is different. So, just as no two people are the same, no two pregnancies are the same. Every one of them will be different. Every one will feel different. Not every pregnant woman is glowing and not every pregnant woman feels amazing all the time. In fact, some days we actually feel pretty lousy. Every week there are changes occurring, as the baby grows and as our bodies grow and change too. Growing a healthy baby is an absolute miracle but more than that, our body is working harder than it ever has before to support the growing fetus.

If you can’t think of something kind and positive to say to a pregnant woman, just say Congratulations.

Good, bad, very good, very bad moments during pregnancy but it won't take the chance to really marvel at the wonder of carrying a child. The magic of it all. A big belly and that not-so-straight linea negra (which doesn't appear too much obvious yet but I'm excited), all of these imperfections that make me cringe and bring me delight. Full of crazy memories and hopes for the future to come. A woman's body is an amazing, ever changing, imperfect beautiful thing.

Here's to celebration rather than shame and disgust. Cheers to all the amazing mamas and moms-to-be!!


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